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MUMPS User Days 2023

Sorbonne University, Paris, France
Sorbonne Université
(credits: Vincent Bourdon; copyright: Sorbonne)
22 and 23 June 2023


The 2023 MUMPS User Days will be the fifth edition of the series.

The MUMPS User Days are events which aim at bringing together MUMPS users from both academia and industry and MUMPS developers. The general theme of these meetings ranges from sparse direct solvers and related issues to applications and experiences with MUMPS. It is also a great opportunity for informal exchanges and discussions between users and developers of MUMPS.

The event is coorganized by Théo Mary, Fabienne Jezequel (PEQUAN, LIP6, Sorbonne University) and Chiara Puglisi (Mumps Technologies).

Please note that remote connection to the event will not be possible.


Thursday, June 22nd

8.30-8.45 Registration and welcome coffee
8.45-9.00 Fabienne Jézéquel (LIP6)
Welcome and presentation of the two day meeting
9.00-9.45 MUMPS overview and recent features (MUMPS Group)
9.45-10.15 Eric LEQUINIOU (Altair, France)
Leveraging MUMPS to enhance performance of Altair Solvers
10.15-10.35 François-Henry ROUET (Ansys, USA)
MUMPS-BLR inside a preconditioned eigensolver
10.35-11.05 Coffee Break
11.05-11.25 Olivier BOITEAU (EDF Lab, France )
Feedback on the use of MUMPS in EDF codes
11.25-11.45 Ramzi MESSAHEL (Safran Tech, France)
Feedback on the use of MUMPS in Safran Tech’s applications: a multithread performance evaluation of MUMPS
11.45-12.05 Jason PAVLIDIS (Moduleering Company, Greece)
Scalability of normal modes computation in Sunshine using MUMPS solver
12.05-12.35 Robert LUCAS (Ansys, USA)
A Changing Landscape
12.35-14.20 Lunch
14.20-14.50 Bastien VIEUBLE (University of Manchester, United Kingdom)
Mixed precision iterative refinement for the solution of large sparse linear systems
14.50-15.10 Matthieu GEREST (EDF R&D, LIP6-Sorbonne University, France)
Solving linear systems efficiently using Block Low-Rank compression in mixed precision
15.10-15.30 Roméo MOLINA (LIP6-Sorbonne University, France)
Adaptive precision algorithms for SpMV and iterative solvers
15.30-16.00 Coffee Break
16.00-16.30 Hélène BARUCQ (Inria, France)
Performance of time-harmonic wave modeling and inversion using Hybridizable Discontinuous Galerkin discretization and the MUMPS solver
16.30-17.00 Stéphane OPERTO (CNRS, France)
High-resolution seismic imaging of the subsurface with MUMPS: Solving the time-harmonic wave equation with multiple sparse right-hand sides in large computational meshes
17.00-17.30 Chia Wei HSU (University of Southern California, USA)
Augmented partial factorization: efficient computation of the generalized scattering matrix
17.30-18.10 MUMPS 5.6 and perspectives. Exchanges and discussions (MUMPS Group)
19.15-22.00 Banquet at "Bouillon & Racine"

Friday, June 23rd

8.30-9.00 Welcome coffee
9.00-9.30 François PELLEGRINI (Bordeaux University & Inria, France)
What to expect of a 30 y.o. Scotch
9.30-10.00 Thierry GAUTIER (Inria, France)
XKBlas: under the hood
10.00-10.20 Florent LOPEZ (Ansys, France)
Solving linear systems on GPU-based systems
10.20-10.50 Coffee Break
10.50-11.10 Pierre JOLIVET (CNRS, France)
11.10-11.30 Henning LEEMHUIS (University of Wuppertal, Germany)
Direct solves on a multigrid solver in lattice quantum chromodynamics (QCD)
11.30-12.00 Cédric CONTENT, Emeric MARTIN (ONERA, France)
High-fidelity simulations of turbulent compressible flows in aerodynamics: some typical applications with ONERA CFD codes
12.00-12.20 Yuri Feldman (Ben Gurion University, Israel)
Block-Gauss-Seidel Immersed Boundary Method Accelerated by MUMPS
12.20-14.00 Lunch
14.00-14.15 Closing session (MUMPS Group)


The dinner will take place on the evening of Thursday June 22nd at the restaurant Bouillon Racine (venue). You can register to the dinner using the registration form. The dinner will be at the charge of the attendees (menu, price 54 €) to be paid in advance by check or bank transfer. You will receive instructions for the payment after your registration. Please note that the registration to the dinner will be effective only after the payment. No refunding will be made.


Registration is closed.


The 2023 MUMPS User Days will be held at

Sorbonne University, Campus Pierre et Marie Curie
4 place Jussieu
75005 PARIS
Getting to Sorbonne University
Campus Pierre et Marie Curie
(credits: Google maps)


This event will be supported by:

Mumps Technologies Sorbonne University LIP6 CNRS EDF


For more information, please write to: mumps-days [at] mumps-tech [.] com.